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Email Logs

This is a record of deliveries made to the mail server. It does not necessarily indicate successful delivery to the recipient.

  1. There is an option in email logs for the entries that how many emails can be seen on a single page. The limit varies from 25 to 500.

2. You can also search for any specific email by writing the word included in that email in the Search option.

3. Users can also filter the emails for a specific date by changing the From and To dates. Also, click on the refresh icon to refresh the logs.

4. Export the log to a CSV format file by clicking on Export All and Delete all logs by clicking on the Delete All button.

5. You can view the Subject of the email along with the Sent To email address. Now you can view the Delivery Time of the email when the email had been sent with the status of whether it was sent successfully or failed. There is an option of Actions in which you can view the email, a Resend button, and a Transcript option to view the transcript of that email along with the button Delete in case you want to delete that email from the logs.

6. In the Status option if the email failed to send you can view that by clicking on the View details option.

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