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Sendinblue Set Up With Post SMTP

  • Navigate to Post SMTP and select “Start the wizard” from the menu.
  • Start the Setup wizard. Click next after entering the sender’s information.
  • Now, the outgoing mail server host mail configuration will be displayed. Click the next option
  • After a successful connectivity test, different sockets will be displayed. Select Sendinblue and continue.
  • The authentication option requires an API key. To create an account, click on the Sendinblue link.
  • New users click “create an account.” If you’re a registered user, enter your email and password and click login.
  • After logging in, you’ll see the dashboard. You may access the drop-down menu by clicking on your company name on the dashboard’s right side. Select API & SMTP.
  • Click on create a new API key. Type the name of your API key and then click “Generate”.
  • Your generated API key will be displayed. Now copy that and press the OK button.
  • Go to your WordPress Post SMTP setting, paste the API key you have copied, and click next.
  • Click the next button in the notification option.
  • Now Click finish.
  • Select the test email option.
  • Enter the test email recipient’s email address and click next.
  • A confirmation message will appear after a successful email shoot, allowing you to return to the test email address.
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