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Zoho Mail (Pro)

Note :-

To access this feature, please consider purchasing our Zoho Mail Pro Extension. For more information on this extension, please visit the product page.
  1. Start the Post SMTP Setup Wizard.
  2. Install the ZohoMail Extension.
  3. Select ZohoMail API at the Connectivity Test Tab.

4. Create an account at Zoho Mail.

5. Go to the Zoho API Console and click on the “GET STARTED” button.

6. Choose “Server-based Applications” as a Client type and click on the “CREATE NOW” button.

7. Add the respective required information.

8. Copy the Redirect URI from Post SMTP Wizard and paste it into the Authorized Redirect URIs in the Zoho API Console.

9. Next, copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the Client Secret Tab and paste them into the plugin.

10. Select the Region and hit the Next Button.

11. After configuring the Keys then, click on the Grant Zoho Mail Permission.

12. Click on Accept.

13. Now Zoho Mail Account is connected.

14. Users can disconnect the Account in the Post SMTP -> Settings -> Account (Tab).

15. Now, everything is configured. Send a Test Email to verify the integration.

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