Yet more plugin problems with 365

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    Jim McDonald

    So we have yet another problem with the plugin and 365. This time we are getting the following error:

    Client error: POST resulted in a 404 Not Found response:
    “error”: {
    “code”: “ResourceNotFound”,
    “message”: “Resource could not be discovered.”,
    “innerError”: (truncated…)


    Hi Jim,

    There are a number of known problems with the Office 365 API extension, waiting on the developer to fix – but he is very busy.

    What API permissions do you have set on your Azure app?

    Kind Regards,

    Jim McDonald

    Hi Tim,

    This is really becoming a joke now and affecting our agancy. We are following the instructions here:

    Configure Office 365 Integration

    There is nothing on this that gives any details about app permisions. Sorry but all we appear to hear back is the developer is very busy. So are we fire fighting this on what is starting to become a regular thing for our agnacy and our clients are not happy


    Hi Jim,

    I’m sorry but your issue is a configuration problem inside the office365 platform.

    I don’t have the resources to support the plugin and every user-specific account setup inside office 3565.

    Your options:
    1. try to check the guide again.
    2. try SMTP setup, the extension use API instead of SMTP
    3. try to contact Tim the moderator here, who is offering a base setup service but in your case, it will not be enough so can ask him for a price if he interested.
    4. Try a premium paid plugin, you will get more 360 support.


    Hi Jim,

    I’m sorry to hear that. I am not the developer, and am not paid by Post SMTP or the developer in any way – this is all entirely voluntary. The extension is also totally free of charge in fairness to the developer!

    You need the permissions below:

    • Delegated: Mail.Send.Shared
    • Application: Mail.Send

    If your agency is unable to wait for a fix, I would have to suggest looking at alternatives.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind Regards,

    Jim McDonald


    You keep refering to this:

    Delegated: Mail.Send.Shared
    Application: Mail.Send

    We can not see anything in the instructions about setting these permisions could you explain were we go please?


    jarle smedvik


    This error means that your app cant be reached by the plugin by the looks of it.
    Are you getting any errors when trying to grant access to PostSMTP?

    O365 is really annoying when it comes to the active redirect url. Make sure you’ve left a trailing slash after wp-admin.

    Used this plugin for months and its great!
    Please dont give the devs crap for stuff breaking, the plugin is litterly free.

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