Email Logger for WordPress

mail logging option
The Post SMTP Email Logger is your one-window solution to manage your email log for WordPress or WooCommerce. It takes just a few minutes to install, and you’ll be ready to start logging your email in no time.
mail logging option

Functionality of Post SMTP Email Logger

Control and locate the complete list of emails that have been sent Keep a log of the email’s contents Log Headers of the email Manage Error statuses The Delivery-URI of an originating Server You can store the emails you want and filter the others Shows delivery time

Which Details Of Your Emails Are Logged?

Post SMTP Email Logger logs all WordPress emails, including Emails with password reset links Email notifications for new accounts Email alerts for new comments Notification of WordPress version updates

Why use Post SMTP Email Logger?

It can be useful to know which emails WordPress sends, whether for troubleshooting or simply for insight. If the default settings are not updated, WordPress and your web server will not log, store, or trace emails received from your website.

Get Notified for Fallback Emails

Get notified of your failed WordPress emails on your Chrome Browser or on the Slack App.

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