Report & Tracking Extension

With Report and Tracking, you can keep tabs on the response rate of your website’s email campaigns. Post SMTP Email logs can be viewed to monitor daily, weekly, and monthly email data. You can view them by filtering by days and dates. Are you interested in seeing comprehensive reports of WordPress-generated email activity?


Whether you need to sell your products, share some big news, or tell a story, Post SMTP makes it super easy to configure and understand the internals of your email delivery.

Email Log

The entries from 50 to 500 can be viewed by selecting them, and you can search for any particular entry by entering it in the search box.

Periodicals Statistics

The daily, weekly, and monthly email statistics are available in the Post SMTP Email logs.


See the total emails, sent successful emails, and those that failed to deliver can easily be seen through the graph.

Data Filteration

You can view them by filtering by days and dates.

Open Count

The number of emails that the recipient(s) opened.

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