Email Log Attachment Add-On

The Email Log Attachment Add-on for Post SMTP empowers you to view, resend, and fully synchronize with your email log history. Manage the email attachments more efficiently and unlock its powerful features to enhance email management and streamline communication.

email log attachment extension

Simplify Your Email Attachment Workflow

Easy to manage email attachments and streamline your workflow with the Email Log Attachment Add-on. Simplify the way you handle attachments to optimize your email management process.
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One-Click View Attachments

Gain full access to every email attachment in the log history. View and download the file with just the click of a button.

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Resend Attachments Instantly

Choose any email with its original attachments from the log history and quickly initiate a resend to ensure efficient message delivery.

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Auto Log Synchronization

Enjoy hassle-free log management. Auto sync deletes email attachments when logs are cleared, freeing up valuable storage space.

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Conveniently Manage Your Email Attachments With Email Log Attachment Add-On

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= 1.0 – 2023-07-17 =
* Initial release.