Advanced Email Delivery and Logs Extension

Advanced Email Delivery and Logs Extension optimizes email deliverability and boosts front-end load time. It allows you to send emails from the backend, manage your email quota, retry failed emails, and delete log history. With this extension, you can streamline email delivery, prevent delays, and maintain a well-organized system for efficient email management.

Boost Your Email Performance and Reliability

Streamline your email delivery process and raise your sender score with the Advanced Email Delivery and Logs Extension. Moreover, it lets you monitor and manage your email logs with flexible options.

Convenient and Fast Email Batching

Efficiently manage your email delivery with customizable batch settings, allowing you to specify the duration and number of emails per batch.

Easy Email Log Management

Organize your email logs by setting a specified timeframe for automatic deletion to ensure your database remains organized and clutter-free.

Automated Retry Mechanism

Increase email delivery success rate by easily configuring the number of resubmission attempts after the first unsuccessful attempt.

Flexible Quota Scheduling

Set the number of emails to send and the interval (per hour, day, week, or month) between them to ensure optimal email distribution.

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Email Management Made Easy With Advanced Email Delivery and Logs Extension

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