How to Send Email from Alias Domain With Gsuite/Google Apps


In this guide, I will show how to send email from Alias domain with Gsuite and Post SMTP plugin for WordPress.

The first thing you should do is adding the alias address on the Gsuite administrator panel.

  1. Follow the Post SMTP wizard and configure everything, for configuring Post SMTP with Google/Gsuite and oAuth you can check this Guide.
    For using plain password, just select Password  instead of oAuth

  2. Login to your original Gsuite domain email
  3. Click on Gear icon at the right top and go to settings

  4. Go to the accounts tab
  5. Press Add another email address

  6. Fill out the name you want to appear when someone read your emails
  7. I recommend leaving the option marked as “two” selected.
  8. Go back to Post SMTP settings and press Show All Settings

  9. Save and we done, just use the test option to check everything.
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