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Mail Control Pro Extension | Post SMTP Announcement

We are pleased to announce the release of the Mail Control Pro Extension, a powerful addon that allows you to control Post SMTP’s email actions like sending email alerts to authors, webmasters, and new users.

Here is a complete list of features Mail Control Pro Extension has to offer:

  • Control Author Alert Emails  Control the ability to notify the author (and/or others) of a post’s comment, trackback, or pingback.
  • Control Notifications for Webmaster  Control the ability to notify the site’s moderator of an awaiting-approval comment.
  • Control Notifications for Blog Admin – Control email notifications for the blog administrator if a user changes their password.
  • Control New User Credentials Emails  Control the ability to send an email to a newly registered user with their login credentials.
  • Control User Confirmation Emails – Control the ability to send a confirmation request email when a user’s email address is changed.
  • Control Password Reset Emails  Control the ability to send password recovery emails to users.

You can view the complete technical documentation here or contact us for any questions or queries.

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