Post SMTP 1.9.4


I will not be going to detail everything but I will do it shortly.

If your email delivery is ok and you not having any issues, you can skip this article but it’s better you should know what happens in the previous version.

I’m sorry, in the last update I added a feature to select the Auth method ( SSL, TLS, etc )  by the port.
Usually, it should work, but there are a few exceptions and for this users, I did a mess.

In this version, I have removed this thing completely.

A few extra stuff added are the options of defining constants in the wp-config:

  1. POST_SMTP_API_KEY –  for setting the API key.
  2. POST_SMTP_RUN_MODE – ‘production’ or just false.

If you are one of the users that want to kill me, after updating do this simple steps:

1. Go to settings


2. Verify that the settings pointed with the arrow matching your SMTP service (ignore the values in the image)