I hope you all doing well, I don’t know what about you but from the beginning of the pandemic, it was a crazy year for me.

2.0.18 – Extensions


Before the COVID started I had big plans for PostSMTP, one of the plans was Extensions – Extension is another plugin that adds more functionality to Post SMTP, it can be: mailers, spam filters, more notifications, and more.
With a crazy raise of unemployed people, it was really hard for me to find time to give it the proper time and thoughts (Free or Premium?).

For now, I decided to release most of the extensions I wrote for Free, the first one is Office 365 and you can see the links from Post SMTP main screen

The list is static, meaning it will update by me when I release a version so I highly recommend visiting the Extensions page (the title links to it) for new extensions releases.


I remind I opened a Facebook group so members can help each other:

Your opinion

I want to ask you if you mind I will publish affiliate links to services that maybe will interest you like Hosting, Email services.
While in the previous example I will recommend services I really recommend, I’m getting offers from other plugins but this your decision, I don’t really have an opinion about them and I will do just as as a service to the community – it will come with a discount.