First I want to start by saying this:
Don’t worry I’m not going anyway (at least in the near future).
I disappeared from the support forums and that cause a bit of worry for some users.

September-October it’s a holiday season in my country and beside that, I’m one man and I’m trying to do a lot but sometimes I can’t do more than one thing in a specific time frame.
For example, as you can see I changed the style design to something more… nice 🙂
So while do this I didn’t have the time to support every support request (I’m answering to everyone even by email.)

Post SMTP 2.0.6 – Bug Fixes

The important part

One of the “horrible” bugs reported was the “implode” message.
I investigated the issue and I suspect that the message show’s when you use double quotes in one of the email parts like cc, bcc, reply-to.

For now, I suggest deleting the logs the error shown next to them, besides on the header starts to move pages backword and search for rows the message shown next to them.

If the message still reappears in new log entries, if you can remove the double quotes you have and then report to me immediately even from the contact page on this website.