Hello to every one,

After a long time, I’m happy to release version 2.0.
Before I start diving to what’s new in this version, I have a few stuff to say on a personal level.

Post SMTP 2.0.1

There is no one in this world happy more than me about the amazing success Post SMTP is getting on such a short time.
When I started this project there was only one goal on my mind – “I want to be the contact form 7 of SMTP plugin for WordPress”.
I did it pretty well for a while, but as the community become bigger and has more than 100,000 active installs it becomes very hard to develop, support, guides, etc…
In the last period, I started to stop my work on private projects, invest time on professional learning, and more just to my best to keep up with the amazing growth, and I admit I did miss support tickets, personal contacting for help and more because I didn’t and a spare second.

I few users told me – do a premium version! Thought about that but instead (and the point of this digging) I just inserted banners in the plugin for your donation.
If you enjoy using Post SMTP and find it useful, please consider making a donation.
Your donation will help encourage and support the plugin’s continued development and better user support, and you can do it here too:

The new version

  1. Mailer Type – By default, the plugin overwrites the default WordPress email delivery that causes sometimes issues with plugins and on rare occasions with themes.
    If your email delivery is working don’t do anything, if you had issues and you needed to disable a plugin or anything else I recommend to give the new type a spin:
  2. Sendgrid API – was upgraded to 7.3 and rewritten to match the version.
  3. Message-ID – a header for better bypass SPAM filters.
  4. Email Logger – Some users reported errors with large amounts of records, did my best to optimize it. will work more on that in the future.
  5. Localization – The was a few issues and now the plugin is fully compatibility to WordPress translation system. you can contribute translation here.

New Twitter Widget

I have a added a twitter widget to the new plugin account, you are more than welcome to follow us.
Please notice any new tweets, I will post about: releases, news, guides, etc…


  • Big thanks to Niels de Blaauw from Level-Level for helping me a lot with the code on the latest versions.
  • Big thanks to Chris Wright for helping on the support forums.