Future of Post SMTP
Yes, I’m still here!

Although I wasn’t active lately, I’m still active and watching Post SMTP. I wanted to write about important stuff about Post SMTP.

I wasn’t active for a while, believe it or not, I have a day job, and the job became very intensive. It was hard not touching the plugin for a long time because the last thing you want to see is something that you invested, with 80 percent of your time going to waste.

Surprisingly, the complete opposite happens, The plugin grows with 300,000 active installs. I can even describe the internal feeling you surround with so much love, so I started to understand that steps need to be made to justify that love.

The first and the only conclusion was to make it better I need some way to free some of the busy time I have so I can invest it in the plugin maintenance and development.

To do that I need money, but how do you get money when you want your service to stay free?

So the only idea is that any user the wants to be part of the plugin growth will pay a few dollars, but the exact amount depends on the number of users ready to help.

I have no idea how many users really care and I don’t want to redirect you to PayPal before I have some numbers. what I mean is if only 10 people are ready to donate it will not help me at all.

The first thing you need to fill the survey in the section below, I will give users one month to complete it.
After a month I will check the results and if there is a fair amount of users I will send each one of you a link to PayPal payment and you can donate the amount you selected.

Edit: A few users asked me what is the payment period (month, year, etc), so I will explain:
Only if enough users will help it will be one time fee, if not I will think on my next steps.

WPExperts has successfully acquired the Post SMTP plugin from Yehuda Hassine. Right now, we’re discontinuing the previous donation call for the plugin growth. All we need is your feedback and improvement suggestions for the Post SMTP.