Version 1.7.7 Is OUT !

Hello everybody,

What a week !
A lot of running, coding, fixing, learning, support, website, social sharing …..

Just released version 1.7.7  of Post SMTP, this version sum a few major stuff:

  • Missing sendgrid files
  • Error while sending files with sendgrid
  • Error while sending files with mandrill
  • Fixed wrong email is send in “Sent” header to  mandrill
  • Fixing the localization (next step import from the original plugin)

Don’t wait and update 🙂

I’m here for any question

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6 thoughts on “Version 1.7.7 Is OUT !”

  1. I have 1.7.1 installed and have removed and re-installed and it doesn’t respond to any of my posts. So I wanted to see if 1.7.7. would work better. I use WP 4.9.1 Post tells me it is correctly configured, and sends me test emails fine. Postman worked fine before. Any suggestions?

  2. When I post a new post, Post SMTP doesn’t respond in any way. The email log has no entry. I have deleted it and re-installed and got a new Client ID and Client Secret, and Post SMTP says it is configured correctly and it successfully sends me a test email. But no email when I post anything, and no record of the post in the log.
    Thanks. I really appreciate this plugin and want to get it working again.

    1. Sorry, lost you.

      WordPress has no new posts alerts so Post SMTP will not send anything.
      Maybe you used another plugin for posts alerts?

      Do you mind posting this issue on the support forums?
      it’s starting to be long 🙂

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