Version 1.8 is out – The big road map for me.


I really excited to announce that version 1.8 is officially released.
this is a really important version for me because I wrote a complete integration to the Mailgun API.
This integration really helped me dive into the code and learn stuff that was hard to learn just by looking at the code.

More features:

  • More options added to the mail log filter.
  • WPML conflict fix
  • An about page – still hidden.
  • Typos fixed.

I Would like to thank each of the users downloading and installing Post SMTP.
The best gift for me is to the see download counter going up so just tell everyone about Post SMTP.

I also want to use this opportunity to ask if there is someone that thinks he can contribute Post SMTP please contact me.
I can’t even express in words how hard it is to find time: Developing, supporting, testing and more.


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3 thoughts on “Version 1.8 is out – The big road map for me.”

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thanks a million! I hadn’t received an email from wordpress, or my contact forms since switching to GSuite a month ago…after trying several plug-ins, and wasting hours troubleshooting, I finally found one that works!
    Thank you again!

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