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Post SMTP is the best, powerful, easy-to-use SMTP Mailing Plugin that maximizes the deliverability of all your emails.
Fully compatible with any SMTP mailing service, API mailing (SMTP blocked), email logs, failure notifications and much more.

Your WordPress site not sending emails?

Whether you need to sell your products, share some big news, or tell a story, Post SMTP makes it super easy to configure and understand the internals of your email delivery.


With OAuth 2.0 protocol, you don’t need to store your email password in the WordPress database.

Email Logs

You can easily read, filter, check the status of delivery and debugging output.


If for any reason one of your emails fail to send, Post SMTP will let you know by Email, Pushover or Slack

Chrome Extension

The only mailer plugin you can get notified about issues inside your chrome.

Fallback Mailing

Besides the notifications, you can define a backup SMTP to send an email when there is a failure with the main one


The only free plugin with multiple support options: WordPress forums, our forums, email, and slack.

What customers say about us

WordPress Rating
I have been using this plugin for a few years and just LOVE IT. When I have had issues with my configuration, the Support staff has been right there with me all the way. Excellent documentation and videos as well. Thank you Yehuda for ALL YOU DO!!!.
I tried another SMTP mailing plugin first, which was a pain to set up and didn't work properly. With Post SMTP the config took seconds and it's worked flawlessly. Thank you for an excellent plugin!.

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