aka "Postman SMTP"
Next generation mailer plugin for WordPress

The Story

Postman SMTP plugin developed by Jason Hendriks.

Jason did a great job with the plugin code and when writing this words the plugin have about 100,000 active installs. Unfortunately the plugin didn’t maintained properly for two years but still doing a great job.

In 06/29/2017 a security researcher published a security Vulnerability he discovered in the plugin, because of that and no developer to alert about the problem the plugin was removed from the WordPress repository.

 My name is Yehuda, I’m A WordPress developer and a big fan of the plugin from his first days. I have decided to adopt the plugin and fix the security issue and two days later I have fixed a one year old bug.
The project is now hosted in Github and you are more then welcome to download it from there and submit any issues you having.

You can found the project at Github:


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