How to configure Post SMTP with Gmail/Gsuite using oAuth

This is a great article how to configure your SMTP with WordPress and Gmail/Gsuite.
I wrote this article for Cloudways blog and you can read it there:

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7 thoughts on “How to configure Post SMTP with Gmail/Gsuite using oAuth”

  1. Hi Yehuda,

    I have been using Post SMTP since Nov, 2017 with great success. Thanks for your continued support, especially the updated guide, and the SMTP fallback feature.

    I had an issue recently trying to get OAUTH permission from Google while trying to configure the plugin (v1.9.8) on a new website.

    Using the Guide, I couldn’t seem to get past Step 18: Choose an Account.

    At step 19, instead of showing the ‘Approve App’ screen, I got an ‘App not Approved’ warning.

    I clicked on the ‘Advanced’ link. This exposed a section which offered a link to ignore the warning and go to website anyway.

    I clicked the link and was sent back to my website to the options-general page for the postman plugin. The page load failed with a MOD_SECURITY warning.

    I had to modify the scope parameter in the url from &scope= to &

    I reloaded the page using the modified url and voila, OAUTH permission granted!

    I sent a test email to validate the change. Everything is working as expected.

    Thought this might help if someone else encounters the same issue.

    1. PS. the MOD_SECURITY error message was:
      “Not Acceptable! An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.”

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