It is a good idea to integrate Post SMTP to SendGrid if you want the outgoing emails from your WordPress site to be more trustworthy and have a better chance of reaching the recipients you intend to reach.

Post SMTP to SendGrid

What is SendGrid 

SendGrid is a cloud-based service that provides enterprises with assistance with email delivery. The service can manage a wide variety of email types, including confirmations of registration, friend requests, notifications of shipments, and subscriptions to newsletters, to name just a few examples. 

“SendGrid offers a trial plan to send up to 40,000 emails for 30 days and 100 emails/day free forever.”

What is POST SMTP 

Switching to a Post SMTP server is something you should consider if you run a website powered by WordPress and maintain consistent email correspondence with site visitors. Because of its superior security and deliverability capabilities, the sender’s email address will not be compromised, and the receiver’s email address will get the message in the format it was planned to be received in.

This article will teach you how to set up Post SMTP with SendGrid so your WordPress site can send emails. SendGrid is a service that enables websites to send and receive emails. This plugin will verify that the SMTP host credentials are configured appropriately to ensure that emails can be sent without any problems.

Let’s Get Started

Step 1.

First, decide which SendGrid pricing plan best suits your needs. Access the signup form for the free plan there. The next step after signing up is checking your email to verify your account.

SendGrid pricing plan

Step 2.

After successfully logging in, you will be taken to the Dashboard page.

SendGrid Dashboard

Step 3. 

Create your API Key in your SendGrid account under Settings -> API Keys.

API Key SendGrid

Step 4. 

Enter the API Key Name and choose Full Access for the API key Permission.

API key Permission

Step 5.

API generated and stored the code in a secure location.

API generated code

Step 6. 

Now, navigate to the Post SMTP wizard and configure your email using the SendGrid API.

  • Check the SendGrid API.

Check the SendGrid API

  • Enter the SendGrid API key code.

Enter the SendGrid API key code

Step 7.

Click Send a Test Email to confirm that Postman is configured.

Send a Test Email

Step 8. 

Enter the recipient’s email address; if everything is in order, this message should appear.

Enter the recipient's email address

Step 9. 

The email was successfully delivered. Check your inbox.

email was successfully delivered

Now we’re done! Post SMTP allows you to resolve any problems you may have been having with email delivery from your WordPress site to SendGrid.

Sendgrid Integration