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Post SMTP Mobile App

How about tracking your WordPress emails without logging into your WordPress dashboard while on the go? Sounds amazing, right?

Fortunately, after launching the Android version, our valued iOS users can now have that convenience with Post SMTP mobile, too.

With the Post SMTP Mobile App, you can monitor the status of your WordPress emails, resend failed emails, get email previews, receive instant failure alerts, view error details, and easily connect multiple WordPress sites to track emails right from your iPhone. 

Today, we will show you why using the Post SMTP Mobile App is a smart choice for your WordPress email tracking. Also, at the end, we will share with you an exclusive limited-time offer that you don’t want to miss. 

So, let’s dive in!

5 Reasons Why Using Post SMTP Mobile App is a Smart Choice

Don’t you wish for a way to ensure that you never miss your WordPress emails? This will surely give you more control over your WordPress emails and the peace of mind that your users are receiving an optimal email communication experience.

Post SMTP Mobile App is the perfect companion for your Post SMTP plugin, as it gives you access to most of the features and functionalities of the plugin from your mobile device.

Following are some of the reasons why you should use the Post SMTP Mobile App:

  • Save Time and Effort: Forget about logging into your WordPress dashboard or email service provider every time you need to check your WordPress emails. Now, with the Post SMTP mobile app, you can do it conveniently from your phone, wherever you are.
  • Huge Productivity Boost: Thanks to instant email failure alerts and email resending features, you’ll regain a lot of time, ultimately soaring your productivity. Having these features right on your phone app empowers you to concentrate on essential tasks, knowing that you can manage your emails easily.
  • Optimize User Experience: No more worrying about failed email deliveries. The app notifies you instantly, allowing you to take prompt action, fix the issue, and resend the email immediately. This proactive approach results in a smoother and more satisfying user experience.
  • Real-time Insights: Use the comprehensive email log screen to view the content for each email and other details such as subject, delivery status, the reason for the failed email, etc. Also, if the email fails to deliver, you can resend it with one tap, keeping you up-to-date at all times.
  • Fast and Easy Troubleshooting: Quickly diagnose email delivery issues by viewing error details with a single tap. In case you need further assistance? You can even contact the Post SMTP support team directly from the app, which makes troubleshooting easier.

As you can see, the Post SMTP Mobile App is an excellent choice for WordPress email delivery, as it gives you more control, convenience, and assurance for your WordPress emails.

6 Awesome Features You Will Love About Post SMTP Mobile App

You’ll love the incredible features that make the Post SMTP Mobile App an outstanding, user-friendly solution for tracking and managing your WordPress emails. Let’s explore each of these features in more detail:

Feature #1: Quick and Easy Email Tracking

Check your WordPress email’s status and performance on the go

It is not always practical to stay connected to a computer all day long, making it difficult to ensure that your users receive noteworthy emails like WooCommerce order confirmations, account opening emails, password resets, etc.

The good news is that the Post SMTP mobile app eliminates your worries. Now, you can effortlessly monitor all emails sent from your WordPress site and conveniently check the status of each one, all on a single screen. 

This ensures you have peace of mind and complete control over your email communications, making it a breeze to track your WordPress emails on the go.

Feature #2: Instant Email Failure Alerts

Get real-time push notifications for all failed email deliveries

Imagine how relieved you would be if you knew instantly when an email did not reach its intended recipient. The Post SMTP Mobile App guarantees you’re in the loop about your email delivery status at all times.

When an email faces delivery issues, your phone will light up with an instant push notification. With a simple tap on the notification, you can get a detailed explanation of the email failure and understand the reasons behind it.

This powerful feature empowers you to take swift action, helping you avoid missed opportunities and ensuring clear communication without any hiccups.

Feature #3: Resend Any Failed Email with Ease

A one-tap solution for resending any failed email

If your WordPress email delivery is interrupted by a temporary error, like a network glitch or server outage, it could negatively affect your profits. But don’t worry!

Thanks to the Post SMTP Mobile App, you can now resend any failed email with a simple tap. This feature allows you to streamline and enhance your email management process more efficiently without manually resending emails via your WordPress dashboard.

Feature #4: Email Content Viewer

Easily view the content of your WordPress emails

Have you ever wondered what the subject and body of your WordPress email are? With the Post SMTP mobile app, you can easily preview any email and visualize how it appears on a smartphone.

This way, you can ensure that your emails are correctly formatted and displayed, giving you confidence in their appearance.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to copy the content and review error details in case an email encounters delivery issues.

Feature #5: Quick Error Diagnosis

See the error details for any failed email for fast error diagnosis.

Whenever there is an email delivery failure, it is crucial to diagnose it as soon as possible. That’s where the Post SMTP mobile app can help! It simplifies the troubleshooting process by providing detailed error information, including error codes, comprehensive error messages, etc.

The best part? This feature goes the extra mile. If you need additional assistance, you can immediately reach out to the Post SMTP support team directly from your app screen.

Feature #6: Multiple Sites Management

Track all your emails across multiple sites in one place

Managing WordPress emails can become quite daunting for freelancers, agencies, or business owners who are dealing with multiple WordPress sites.

Fortunately, you can connect multiple WordPress sites using the Post SMTP mobile app. This means you can effortlessly switch between sites, monitoring and managing all your emails conveniently on a single screen.

The best thing is that if you ever need to discontinue notifications from a specific site, simply disconnect it from the app with a single tap.

Try Post SMTP Mobile App NOW – 100% FREE

As you can see, the Post SMTP Mobile App is an amazing app that will make your WordPress email delivery easier, faster, and better. It will give you more control and convenience over your WordPress emails.

So, what’s holding you back?

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Lastly, if you have any further questions regarding the mobile app or any WordPress email related issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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