Post SMTP 1.8.4 – Best WordPress Gmail API Client

Update: I have released version 1.8.5 – no difference except a bit of code change.

You have no idea how much excited I am, Post SMTP is going a complete upgrade step by step to become the number 1 WordPress SMTP Mailer & API.
One of this steps is what the title describes and I will explain in the next paragraph, why Post SMTP is now the best WordPress Gmail API Client.

Gmail API

send large gmail attachments

One of the scariest upgrade I  did. the Gmail API is the most popular service among all SMTP plugins and destroys something can be a massive drawback but…

  1. Gmail client upgrade – the Gmail code was upgraded to the latest version.
  2. 5MB attachments are for second place – Post SMTP is the first plugin that offers support for attachments greater than 5MB up to 35MB according to Gmail guidelines.



Notifications options on Post SMTP setup wizard
Wizard setup


Notifications on Post SMTP settings
Edit Current Settings

SMTP is awesome but still, there are a few options that can make your email delivery failed.
Although Post SMTP supply the best tool (integrated email logger) for helping you spot failed emails.
Somewhere in the middle of the road, I added a simple fallback to notify about the failed emails.
They were a few issues on the users hosting side causing the notification to fail so I decided to upgrade the notification and now beside email users can choose one of the next options.

  1. email – will notify the admin email under settings/general
  2. Pushover – it’s a free service to receive push messages with a great API – the only thing that costs money is there APP.
  3. Slack – Slack is a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services.
    Please notice: to use Slack you need to approve Post SMTP for a teamwork, you don’t have one contact and I will add you to Post SMTP Slack, I opened for this purpose and maybe will be used


1. The message about “Release Lock File” can be released by pressing the row under “Troubleshooting” column.
2. The message “Postman is not configured and is mimicking out-of-the-box WordPress email delivery.” is now dismissible.

Finally, A Small Favor

If you any issues with Post SMTP please submit a support topic and please be patient.
By doing the above you making Post SMTP much better plugin and help to avoid this issue for other users.
I’m doing the best I can to answer fast most of the times, but still, I am one person.
I need to write stuff on this blog, developing and support. my goal is to make this plugin the best SMTP plugin and I need your help and support doing that.

If you need help setup Post SMTP with Gmail API check this guides:

if you any issues, check this guide:

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