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Post SMTP with WPForm

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How to Use Post SMTP to Send WPForm’s Email Notifications

WP Forms, a popular WordPress plugin, enables website owners and managers to quickly create and manage contact forms, surveys, and other interactive elements on their websites. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface of WP Forms and its extensive collection of editable templates make gathering data, feedback, and inquiries from website visitors simpler.

When combined with the Post SMTP plugin, WP Forms‘ dependability and functionality for sending email notifications and responses have been improved. By connecting WP Forms with Post SMTP, your form responses and messages will reliably and precisely reach the people you want them to. Due to WP Forms and Post SMTP’s compatibility, your website’s communication process is streamlined, ultimately improving user engagement and experience.

Keep reading to learn how Post SMTP can improve WPForms’ email notifications deliverability.

WP Forms Not Sending Emails Issue:

When someone submits a WP Form on your website, you and the person who submitted it typically get an email notification in their inbox. Occasionally, emails from WP Forms are delivered to the spam folder or never delivered.

When you complete the WP Forms with the required information, click Submit. Form

Click the Submit button to submit your form successfully.

When you check your inbox, the form submission email will arrive in the Spam folder or never get delivered.

Now, Let’s see How you can fix this issue with Post SMTP.

Install and Activate the Post SMTP Plugin: –

Before getting started, you’ll need to install the Post SMTP plugin.

Let’s cover the steps to set up Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) with Post SMTP. 

You can configure any Mailer service with Post SMTP checkout our Post SMTP Sockets documentation.

Go to the Post SMTP dashboard and click on Start the wizard.

Select the SMTP Mailer: –

A window will pop up containing different Mailers services; select Brevo from here.

Configure and Authenticate SMTP Mailer: – 

For the From Address, there are two required fields.

a.     From Email (You must use the same email address you used to log in to your Brevo account.)

b.     From Name.

The “Prevent plugins and themes for changing this” toggle buttons will be under the From Email and Name fields. Check both of them are enabled.

Now, you need to enter the API Key to connect your selected mailer with Post SMTP. 

Click the API Key link to redirect to the Brevo API Key screen. 

Generating an API Key: –

Click on Generate a new API Key.

Enter the name of the key and click on Generate.

The API Key will be generated. Copy that and click OK. Return to the tab/window where the Post SMTP is open. 

 Now paste the copied API Key in the required field in the Post SMTP setup wizard.

Now click on Save and Continue.

Sending a Test Email: –

A screen will appear with the field Recipient Email Address. This step will allow you to send an email address for testing. 

Enter the Recipient Email Address and click Send Test Email

Click on the Finish button.

You can view the log section by clicking on the “View logs section” buttons or skip to the dashboard by clicking Skip to the dashboard button.

Click Skip to the dashboard.

As you can see, Post SMTP is configured. Now open the WP Forms. Fill out the WP Forms with the required information and click Submit.

Click the Submit button to see the successfully submitted message on your screen.

Go to the inbox of the email address you used in the form. Here, you can see that the state has been successfully submitted, and you have received that in your email address. 

If you still find it difficult or have any other email deliverability issues, contact us for expert assistance; our talented WordPress team will troubleshoot all your email delivery issues and provide SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configuration.

We have always believed that we go above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service, something we take great pride in.  

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Post SMTP with WPForm

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