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Why Is WooCommerce Not Sending Emails

Are you annoyed that your WooCommerce site doesn’t send order emails? The timeliness of your emails to clients might be a key factor in assessing the level of your WooCommerce services. WooCommerce streamlines and automates the mailing procedure.

Why WooCommerce Not Sending Emails

This article will demonstrate the simple fix for WooCommerce not sending emails.

Reasons Why WooCommerce Not Sending Emails

There can be various circumstances responsible for not sending emails. Let’s go through some potential reasons why WooCommerce is not delivering emails, along with some potential fixes. 


If you are sending WooCommerce notification emails, your customers are not receiving them in their inboxes; there is a high probability you are flagged as a spammer. This can damage your company. Also, customers who do not bat an eye on their spam folders will miss your store’s transactional emails.


There may be a deliverability problem if your WooCommerce emails need to be getting through. Sending emails with the default WordPress interface may be inconsistent. The first step in determining whether email deliverability is an issue is to test whether your emails are being sent and received.

WooCommerce Not Sending Emails – How to Fix It

The starting point should be to check your WooCommerce orders and email settings. If any of the two settings is incorrect, it indicates your emails will not be sent.  

Step 1: Inspect Email Settings

Make sure your WooCommerce emails have been turned off correctly. On the WordPress dashboard, follow the path WooCommerce -> Settings and select the Emails tab.

Why Is WooCommerce Not Sending Emails

You will see all WooCommerce’s notification emails here. A few of the emails are sent to you, and others to your clients. You must verify the settings for each email.

After choosing the “Emails” button at the top, check the “New Order” email, if any.

Check two settings here. Satisfy yourself by checking whether the email is enabled. The error will remain if the checkbox is un-ticked as it can occasionally be mistakenly disabled.

Why Is WooCommerce Not Sending Emails

Now, verify that the email address of your customer or recipient is accurate. This setting is only available for emails that you will send. The appropriate email address is automatically used when sending emails to customers.

The same procedure applies to all email types. If everything appears in order, verify the status of every order for which WooCommerce failed to send the order email.

Step 2: Verify Payment Status

Here, you have to follow the path:

WooCommerce > Orders

This will help you inspect your recent order’s status. In case you have no orders, you will need a test order.

verify payment status

If, like in this case, the order status is “Pending payment,” it explains why no email was issued. WooCommerce defaults to not sending an order email for pending sales.

Orders that have not yet been filled are awaiting action. Perhaps the buyer added something to their cart but removed it afterward, or the customer needs to do a manual transaction, like a bank transfer.

However, there is a problem if the status is “Processing.” You and the client should have received an email. It was probably flagged as spam if it didn’t reach the inbox.

Emails from WooCommerce or WordPress frequently have issues like that. Using a reliable SMTP server like Postman SMTP to send your email is the easiest solution to counter the issue.  

Step 3: Fix Email Reliability by Installing an SMTP Plugin

You need a standard protocol called SMTP for sending WooCommerce emails. However, WordPress does not use it by default. Therefore, it often results in your emails being treated as spam from WordPress.

Send emails via an SMTP server, which is always reliable and employs proper authentication. Email software of your clients will be confident and see them as genuine. Email via an SMTP server is less likely to be dropped into the spam or junk folder.

Postman SMTP is arguably the best WooCommerce and WordPress SMTP plugin. This SMTP plugin provides the simplest way to ensure your WooCommerce emails are received by your customers directly in their inboxes. 

To resolve the issue of WooCommerce not sending emails, you need to download and activate the Postman SMTP plugin. Postman SMTP plugin’s free version is all you require for this article.

Installing Postman SMTP

Go to the Dashboard and search for the plugin. Install the plugin and then activate it.

Installing Postman SMTP

Step 4: Send a Test Email

The setup process is completed! Now send a test for examining the functions.

To conduct an email test, go to Post SMTP » and click the “Send a test email” option. The site’s admin email will be entered by default, but you can send the test email to a different address if you prefer. Then select “Send Email.”

post smtp setup

If you have set up everything correctly, you will get a ‘Success!’ message on your screen. All you need now is to ensure you visit the email inbox to check the email has arrived. 

Post SMTP setup

Wrap Up

Frequent emails to consumers are an essential component of the customer experience. You could occasionally run into the WooCommerce not sending emails issue in your online business. You should know the steps you’ll need to take to resolve the problem if it continues. 

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