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    I downloaded the extension for O365.
    I’m getting an error that the token is invalid, upon closer inspection, the file on it has the following information:


    class Transport extends \PostmanAbstractModuleTransport implements \PostmanModuleTransport {
    const SLUG = ‘office365_api’;
    const PORT = 443;
    const HOST = ‘amazonses.com’;
    const PRIORITY = 8000;
    const AUTH_OPTIONS = ‘postman_office365_auth_options’;
    const AUTH_SECTION = ‘postman_office365_auth_section’;

    const OPTION_APP_ID = ‘office365_app_id’;
    const OPTION_APP_PASSWORD = ‘office365_app_password’;

    This is clearly wrong:
    const PORT = 443;
    const HOST = ‘amazonses.com’;

    Does anyone know the port and host for the Office365 plugin, maybe someone running an older version?

    Can someone h

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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