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  • Supports the proprietary OAuth 2.0 implementations of Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo
  • Fire-and-forget delivery continues even if your password changes
  • Easy-to-use, powerful Setup Wizard for perfect configuration
  • Commercial-grade Connectivity Tester to diagnose server issues
  • Supports International alphabets, HTML Mail, and MultiPart/Alternative
  • Supports forced recipients (cc, bcc, to) and custom email headers
  • SASL Support: Plain/Login/CRAM-MD5/XOAUTH2 authentication
  • Security Support: SMTPS and STARTTLS (SSL/TLS)
  • Copy configuration to other instances of Post
  • Log and resend all emails; see the exact cause of failed emails
  • Reset settings from the admin dashboard with the simplest of ease
  • Import and export settings to and from the plugin
  • Send notifications to the admin and users


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