Post SMTP Settings

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You can view the plugin settings by clicking on the Settings tab under the Post SMTP plugins sub-menu. Here you can find the settings for the following sections of the plugin:

  1. Account – Choose SMTP or a vendor-specific API (Type and Mailer Type)
  2. Fallback – By enabling this option, if your email fails to send Post SMTP, will try to use the SMTP service you define here. You can also choose to enable/disable SMTP authentication.
  3. Message – Enter the email address, which will identify the sender to the recipient. Other options include disabling email validation and adding extra email addresses (CC & BCC). You can also Specify custom headers (e.g., X-MC-Tags: wordpress-site-A), one per line.
  4. Logging – Configure the delivery audit log.
  5. Advance
    A. Network settings: Increase the timeouts if your host intermittently fails to send mail.
    B. Miscellaneous Settings: Define PHP Log levelDelivery mode and temporary directory, and the option to enable or disable Stealth Mode.
  6. Notifications – Select the notification service you want to receive alerts about failed emails.
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Post SMTP Settings

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