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Zoho Mail Extension for PostSMTP

  • Start the Post SMTP Setup Wizard.
  • Install the ZohoMail Extension.
  • Select ZohoMail API at the Connectivity Test Tab.
  • Create an account at Zoho Mail.
  • Go to the Zoho API Console and click on the “GET STARTED” button.
  • Choose “Server-based Applications” as a Client type and click on the “CREATE NOW” button.
  • Add the respective required information
  • Copy the Redirect URI from Post SMTP Wizard and paste it into the Authorized Redirect URIs in the Zoho API Console:
  • Next, copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the Client Secret Tab and paste them into the plugin.
  • Select the Region and hit the Next Button.
  • After configuring the Keys then, click on the Grant Zoho Mail Permission.
  • Click on Accept.
  • Now Zoho Mail Account is connected.
  • Users can disconnect the Account in the Post SMTP -> Settings -> Account (Tab).
  • Now, everything is configured. Send a Test Email to verify the integration.
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