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Setup Wizard

  1. Click on the setup wizard button to start the process. Here you will find the following steps:
  2. Import configuration – If you had a working configuration with another Plugin, the Setup Wizard could begin with those settings.
  3. Sender details – Enter the email address and name you’d like to send mail as.
  4. Outgoing Mail Server Hostname – This is the Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server, or Mail Submission Agent (MSA), to which Postman delegates mail delivery to. 
  5. Connectivity Test – Your connection settings depend on what your email service provider offers and what your WordPress host allows.
  6. Authentication – In the Authentication screen, you will need to input two parameters: Client ID and Client Secret.
  7. Notification – Select a notify service to notify you when an email is failed to be delivered. (Email, Pushover, Slack)
  8. Finish – The plugin checks to see if your settings have been configured properly.
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