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With Sendpulse Transactional Email, you can quickly and reliably process order confirmations, booking notifications, password resets, and other transactional messages.

If you’re just starting, the free plan allows you to send up to 12000 emails without entering your credit card details.

Setting up the Sendpulse Account:

If you haven’t created your Sendpulse account, 

Go to Sendpulse’s pricing page and create an account as needed. 

If you are done with that, follow the below steps to connect your Sendpulse account with Post SMTP.

Installing and Activating the Post SMTP Plugin:

Before getting started, you’ll need to install the Post SMTP plugin.

Let us cover all the steps to set up Sendpulse with Post SMTP.Go to the Post SMTP dashboard and click on Start the wizard.


A window will pop up containing different Mailer services. Select Sendpulse from here.

For the From Address, there are two required fields.

a.     From Email (Make sure to use the same email address that you used to log in to your Sendpulse account.)

b.     From Name.

  • The “Prevent plugins and themes for changing this” toggle button will be under the From Email and Name fields. Check both of them enabled.
  • Now, you need to enter the API ID and API Secret to connect your Sendpulse account with Post SMTP. 

How to access API ID and API Secret: 

Firstly, log in on your Sendpulse account then Click on the Sendpulse API to get your Sendpulse account’s API ID and Secret.

  • You can also follow the steps below after logging into your Sendpulse account.Go to your Sendpulse account dashboard and navigate to your account settings from the account’s dropdown menu.
  • Click on the API tab from your Sendpulse account settings screen.
  • Copy your Accounts ID and Secret from the API tab and 
  • Return to the window/tab where you left the Post SMTP setup wizard open.
  • Paste the API ID and API Secret in the respective fields and
  • click Save and Continue.

Sending a Test Email:

A screen will appear with the field Recipient Email Address. This step will allow you to send an email address for testing. 

  • Enter the Recipient Email Address and click Send Test Email.
  • Click on the Finish button
  • You can view the log section by clicking the “View logs section” buttons or skip to the dashboard by clicking Skip to the dashboard.

That’s it! You have successfully configured your Sendpulse account with Post SMTP. 

If you still find it difficult or have any other email deliverability issues, contact us for expert assistance; our expert team will troubleshoot all your email delivery issues.

We have always believed that we go above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service and take great pride in this. 

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