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How do Post SMTP mailers handle issues with email delivery?

Post SMTP mailers are crucial in resolving email delivery issues, ensuring your messages reach their intended recipients reliably. Unlike traditional email methods, Post SMTP employs a specialized approach to handle outbound mail. Utilizing secure and authenticated protocols minimizes the chances of emails being flagged as spam or encountering delivery hiccups. 

This plugin fine-tunes the technical aspects of your email configuration and offers detailed logs and alerts to help diagnose and rectify any potential problems. 

Configuring a mailer helps you to send emails from your WordPress site more reliably and securely. Some servers may have issues with the default WordPress mailing function, which can cause your emails to fail or go to spam. A mailer can avoid these issues and ensure your emails reach their destination.

Post SMTP offers different mailers that you can choose from, depending on your site’s needs and preferences. Each mailer has its own advantages and requirements. Below is a brief overview of each mailer in Post SMTP.

Gmail API:

You can improve your email deliverability capabilities by utilizing the strength of Gmail’s infrastructure and features by integrating the Gmail API into the Post SMTP plugin. 

This integration allows you to manage your Gmail accounts, send emails, and access valuable email-related data directly from your WordPress environment. 

This configuration opens up a world of possibilities for improving email communications, automating tasks, and gaining insights into email performance. 

Check out our guide for Configuring Gmail / Google Workspace with Post SMTP.


Mandrill, a powerful email service from Mailchimp, has become a staple of modern email communication in the post-SMTP era. 

Due to its robust features and dependability, Mandrill has become popular for businesses and organizations seeking efficient and scalable email delivery solutions.

Check out our guide for Configuring Mandrill with Post SMTP.


In today’s quick-paced digital world, email communication is still vital to effective customer engagement. To advance your email communications, the  SendGrid post-SMTP was developed.

SendGrid post-SMTP equips business owners with the knowledge and insights they need to enhance their email communication strategies, whether they work for a small startup or a sizable corporation. 

You can say goodbye to spam folders and undelivered emails using SendGrid post-SMTP and hello to a new era of effective email communication. Up to 100 emails per day are free to send. 

Check out our guide for Configuring SendGrid with Post SMTP.


Mailgun is a valuable tool for improving email delivery. It has a free 3-month trial period and employs a secure API. Immediately following the trial period, a paid account is required. 

However, it has exceptionally aggressive pricing, with 1,000 emails starting at $0.80. A free account is limited to sending messages to five authorized recipients. 

A free account with a credit card allows for the monthly sending of up to 5,000 emails for three months. Following this, the price is $0.80 for 1,000 emails.

Check out our guide for Configuring Mailgun with Post SMTP.


Note: Brevo (SendinBlue) is our recommended mailer.

Brevo offers reliable email delivery services. This mailer uses a secure API, so you won’t need to enter a credit card to finish the setup process (unless you decide you’d like a paid plan). 

If you already use Brevo’s email marketing services, you can set up this mailer using the same account. 

Free up to 300 daily emails. There are numerous paid plans available as well, with higher monthly caps. 

Check out our guide for Configuring Brevo with Post SMTP.


Postmark takes great pride in offering trustworthy email delivery services. Using its secure API, you can connect to it via Post SMTP. 

The unique features of Postmark, such as message streams, can be used to maintain the distinction between transactional and marketing emails. 

Postmark offers a free developer plan, allowing you to send 100 emails monthly. You must buy a paid plan to send more than that. 

For more details, you can visit the Postmark pricing page.

Check out our guide for Configuring Postmark with Post SMTP.

Spark Post:

Spark Post is a reputable email delivery service. In addition to placing a high value on providing highly secure services, it helps several well-known companies ensure reliable email sending. 

By utilizing the Spark Post Mailer service within the Post SMTP plugin, users can optimize their email communication strategy, ensuring that transactional emails, marketing campaigns, and notifications reach their recipients effectively, all while benefiting from the advanced capabilities of the Spark Post platform.

Check out our guide for Configuring Spark Post with Post SMTP.

Elastic Email:

Elastic Email is a powerful marketing tool designed to help businesses and individuals design, send, and track effective email campaigns. 

With an emphasis on delivering high deliverability rates and ensuring that emails reach their intended recipients, Elastic Email offers a variety of features and tools to streamline the email marketing process.

Check out our guide for Configuring Elastic Email with Post SMTP.

Office 365:

The Office 365 Mailer service is a key feature of the Post SMTP plugin for WordPress, designed to simplify and streamline email communication for users of Microsoft Office 365. 

This service allows WordPress site owners to configure their email settings to work with their Office 365 accounts, ensuring reliable and efficient email delivery.

Check out our guide for Configuring the Office 365 / Microsoft 365 with Post SMTP.

Amazon SES:

A cloud-based email platform called Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) was developed by AWS to make sending and receiving emails at scale simple and effective. 

The Amazon SES mailer in Post SMTP uses the Amazon API to deliver emails from your website. It costs nothing to use this service for the first year; after that, usage-based charges apply. 

Using this mailer requires installing an SSL certificate on your website, and setting up an Amazon SES account necessitates a credit card. 

Check out our article for configuring the Amazon SES with Post SMTP.

Zoho Mail: 

The well-known cloud-based business software and services provider Zoho Corporation offers Zoho Mail, a leading email hosting and collaboration solution.

Additionally, it provides seamless integration with productivity tools and personalized domain-based email addresses. 

It offers reliable and secure email delivery services through its API. Several paid plans have additional features and a “Forever Free” option.

Check out our guide for Configuring the Zoho Mail with Post SMTP.


Mailjet is a cloud-based email delivery service that helps you create and send marketing and transactional emails in one place.

It also offers secure API to integrate your email service with your tech stack and ensure reliable email delivery. Mailjet offers various paid plans with extra features and a free plan that lasts forever.

Mailjet provides a limited free plan that allows you to send up to 200 emails per day and up to 6,000 emails monthly.

Check out our guide for Configuring the Mailjet with Post SMTP.

Other SMTP:

Among the Post SMTP mailers, only Other SMTP uses an API. This can be useful in the short term because it only needs a few steps to set up. 

However, this mailer typically becomes less valuable over time. For instance, you must change the mailer password setting whenever you change the password for your email account. 

Check out our guide for Configuring any Other SMTP with Post SMTP.

That’s it! We’ve just shared an overview of all the mailer options in the Post SMTP.

Would you prefer to let our team do the work of configuring your mailer for you? 

Be sure to check out our Expert Assistance, where we handle your Post SMTP plugin setup and testing.

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