Brevo with Post SMTP

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Brevo is a complete digital marketing solution that was formerly known as Sendinblue. However, it offers a well-known email marketing service. Both free and paid plans are available, depending on how many emails you must send.

Sending 300 emails daily on the free plan is enough for many small businesses and personal websites.

Brevo offers a feature-rich free option without requiring a credit card, is easy to set up, and is a recommended mailer.

Setting up the Brevo Account: –

To get started, you’ll need a Brevo (Sendinblue) account. You can sign in to your account by clicking on the Login button at the top right side of the window, and if you don’t have one, sign up for a new Brevo account. 

After entering your email address, check your inbox to see if Brevo has sent you a message. You can find the “Confirm my email address” button in that email.

You will be asked to enter some personal information when you log back into your Brevo account, starting with your First name, Last nameCompany name, and Website. Then click Next.

You will see a screen that requires more information about your company (Address, Zip code, City, Country). Fill in the required fields and click Next.

Brevo will then ask you for information about your company, including your team members, how many people are on your mailing list, and whether you plan to sell products online.

Brevo will then ask you to enter your phone number. Once you’re done, click the Save button to continue.

Selecting the Plan: –

You can select a plan once all the necessary fields have been filled out. The setup process is the same regardless of which one you like. We’ll choose the Free option.

Once you’ve created your account, you can proceed to the next step.

Installing and Activating the Post SMTP Plugin: –

Before getting started, you’ll need to install the Post SMTP plugin.

Let’s cover the steps to set up Brevo with Post SMTP.

Go to the Post SMTP dashboard and click on Start the wizard.

Mailer: –

 A window containing different Mailers services will pop up; select Brevo from there. 

For the From Address, there are two required fields.

a.     From Email (You must use the same email address you used to log in to your Brevo account.)

b.     From Name.

The “Prevent plugins and themes for changing this” toggle button will be under the From Email and Name fields. Check both of them enabled.

Now, you have to enter the API Key. Click on API Key to be redirected to the Brevo API Key screen.

Generating an API Key: –

Click on Generate a new API Key.

Enter the name of the key and click on Generate.

The API Key will be generated. Copy that and click OK. Return to the tab/window where the Post SMTP is open.

Now paste the copied API Key in the required field in the Post SMTP setup wizard.

Now click on Save and Continue.

Sending a Test Email: –

 A screen will appear with the field Recipient Email Address. This step will allow you to send an email address for testing.

Enter the Recipient Email Address and click Send Test Email.

Click on the Finish button.

You can view the log section by clicking the “View logs section” buttons or skip to the dashboard by clicking Skip to dashboard.

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