Spark Post with Post SMTP

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SparkPost is a cutting-edge email delivery service offered by SparkPost, a leading provider of email technology solutions. It empowers businesses and developers to send and manage their email communications efficiently. Renowned for its reliability and scalability.
With SparkPost, businesses can enhance their email marketing efforts, reach customers effectively, and gain valuable insights into email performance.

Setting up the Spark Post Account: –

To get started, you’ll need a SparkPost account. If you don’t already have one, sign up for a new SparkPost account.

Fill the fields with your First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email, and Password. 

Click on the sign-up check box and agree to the Terms of Use. Click on the check box for the security check.

Selecting a Plan: – 

Now, you will have to select a plan. We are setting a plan for the Test Account

Click on Get Started.

You will be redirected to the SparkPost’s dashboard.

Installing and Activating the Post SMTP Plugin: – 

Before getting started, you’ll need to install the Post SMTP plugin.

Let us cover all the steps to set up SparkPost with Post SMTP.

Go to the Post SMTP dashboard and click on Start the wizard.

Mailer: – 

A window will pop up containing different Mailers services

Select SparkPost from here.

For the From Address, there are two required fields.

a.     From Email (You must use the same email address you used to log in to your SparkPost account.)

b.     From Name.

The “Prevent plugins and themes for changing this” toggle button will be under the From Email and Name fields. Check both of them enabled.

You must enter the API Key to connect your selected mailer with Post SMTP. 

Click on API Key to redirect to the SparkPost’s API Key screen.

Generating an API Key: –

Click on Create API Key.

 Enter the API Key Name and click on Create API Key.

The API Key will be generated. Copy that key to your clipboard.

Go to the window where the Post SMTP setup wizard is open and paste the API Key in the required field. Then click on Save and Continue.

Sending a Test Email: –

A screen will appear with the field Recipient Email Address. This step will allow you to send an email address for testing. 

Enter the Recipient email address and click Send Test Email

Click on the Finish button.

You can view the log section by clicking the “View logs section” buttons or skip to the dashboard by clicking Skip to dashboard.

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Spark Post with Post SMTP

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