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All the info about the chrome extension will be published here, very soon. In the meanwhile you can check the blog release for more info: For support:

Fix Broken Password Reset Emails When Using Paid Memberships Pro

In one of the support threads, a user complain that password reset emails arriving without the link. After a lot of checking, I found that Paid Memberships Pro is forcing HTML type emails for every email sent. The developer did implement some kind of fix when using the native WordPress mailing system but ignored the …

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You are using office365 and you getting the error message because somewhere in your website something is overriding the email you defined to send emails inside the plugin. For example: You configured in the plugin to use the address [email protected] this address always needs to be in the “From” field of the outgoing emails, and …

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https/ssl not being added to linked attachments in Sendgrid

1) You need to “brand your links”. See the first response from SendGrid below for details and a link to instructions. See here: 2) Then, under “Settings > Tracking” in your SendGrid account, you need to turn “click tracking” OFF. For the complete solution reported by one of our users (shanhua):